About DNR

DNR Graphics was established in 2007 based on the combined experience and creative skills of principles Gary Wise and John Hollingshead. DNR Graphics is a Houston-based company specializing in custom Art and Graphics consultation, fabrication, acquisition, delivery/pickup and installation services.  We collaborate with Tier 1 hospitals, and multi-tenant properties, including, but not limited to, large corporations with many facilities.
John Hollingshead and Gary Wise
  • ADA compliant room signs
  • Wayfinding Directional signs – corridor, wall mounted, hanging sign, electronics
  • Vinyl and Dimensional letters (metal or acrylic lettering)
  • Exterior signs - monument signs, channel letters (illuminated and non-illuminated)
  • Parking garage signs
  • Message Scheduling, Shop Drawings and Sign Location plans
  • Maps – evacuation maps and elevator egress maps
  • Digital Signage
  • Acquisition of various pieces of Art for building lobbies and corridors.
  • Photography

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